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Flea Treatment Preparation in
Augusta, West Gardiner & Waterville, ME or within a 60 mile radius

GETTING RID OF FLEAS involves an integrated pest management plan. We recommend to first treat your pets that are in your home and then call a professional to treat the home itself. Cerrtified Pest Management will treat residential and commercial properties. 

CALL US AT (207) 613-1914  for your free inspection.

We will conduct a thorough inspection of your home and develop a treatment plan that is effective to your needs. 


Please be prepared to vacate the residence during service and for 4 hours following service to allow time for the chemicals to dry.

Fleas are very difficult to eradicate without your help! We have developed a special checklist for our customers to                  complete during and after the treatment process. We ask that you please review this worksheet and complete all items listed. When this checklist is followed we have discovered that not only are our treatments faster and more effective, but it also costs our customers less time and money in the long run.


Items That Must Be Completed Prior To Our Arrival:

  • Do not enter or allow children or pets to enter the treated structure for at least 4 hours unless specified otherwise.
  • Clear all carpeted floors – including closets – of boxes, clothing and any other items that will prevent treatment.

  • Place dishes, silverware, pet food dishes and children’s toys in protected area.   Wash (in hot water) or destroy all pet bedding. If bedding is put into trash, put into sealable plastic bag and dispose of into an exterior trash bag.

  • Mop wood, tile and vinyl floors.

  • Cracks and crevices in floors and draperies. Vacuum furniture - especially between and under cushions. Empty the contents of the vacuum cleaner into a plastic bag. Immediately dispose of the bag in an outside container.

  • Remove all pets and birds, also shut off aerator in fish tanks, and cover with a wet towel. Store or cover all pet food containers and bowls.

  • Have dogs, cats and other flea-infested pets professionally treated by your local veterinary clinic at the same time the home is treated.

After Our Treatment Is Complete:

  • Do not enter for a full 4 hours after the treatment is completed. Immediately upon entering the treated structure after the treatment, open all windows and doors and air out thoroughly.

  • Wash (with soap and water) all exposed eating surfaces (including table and counter tops) and any exposed dishes or silverware.

  • DO NOT clean carpets or floors with detergents or cleaners for at least one month after treatment is complete.   Continue to vacuum daily for two weeks. Be sure to dispose of the bag after each vacuuming (in an exterior trash bin).

  • Please wait 21 days for the full effect of the treatment. If after 21 days there is still activity, call for a re-treatment before the 30 days expires. In severe infestations, we may require one or more follow-up visits.

  • Please vacuum all treated areas for 21 days. Fleas must be stimulated to emerge from the pupae (protected) stage for 21 days for treatment to work. No amount of spraying, fogging or other treatment will eliminate fleas without consistently vacuuming for 21 days. Thank you for your help!